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Review and Approval

We share digital files online to review changes and receive final approval. Those files can also be shared to a customer for their review, so you know that the final video is made right the first time.

Convenient Upload

We offer many ways to upload raw video footage; our secure server for a digital upload, a shared storage drive, even pick up of your material using our convenient online order form.

Seamless Playback

Whether you wish to post your video online, send it to friends and family, or use it for training or marketing purposes, we will produce your video for sharing & viewing it as easy as possible.

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Professionally Presentable Content

  • Ownership of your Content:

    Share the files to your customer for online review under your nametag, which will allow you the ability to be the owner of everything while communicating with your customer.

  • Advanced Software Expertise:

    Our video editors are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in the latest in software and video editing technologies, making it our guarantee that they are providing you with the best customized video possible.

  • USB Drive:

    You will receive your video on a USB drive, which will allow you to access your video with a full menu system, as well as the ability to access specific parts of your video with a convenient scene selection tool.

Integrates with anything & everything

Whether you are using Dropbox, AWS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Amazon Cloud Drive, simply share whatever storage drive you are using with us, and we will take care of the rest, making this process as convenient and simple as possible.

easy integration with all file management tools available today

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